Putting The Brakes To Copper Usage In Brake Pads

As a driver you climb behind the wheel, buckle up and start the car and off you go. Then you stop and then you go. Then you stop...

Stopping and going is a necessary function to getting around in your vehicle. However, did you know that every time you put on the brakes you leave a little bit behind? Read More…​

Keep on Truckin’ Oh Wait There’s an App for That

Keep on Truckin’ most of us are familiar with this iconic expression. It is generally attributed to R. Crumb’s one page comic that was published in ZAP Comix's first edition. It went on to become one of our most popular counterculture slang expressions of the 60s.

Everyone who has heard it has their own definition of what it meant! From; keep on doing what you're doing no matter what, staying focused on a particular job, keep taking care of business, etc. Read More…

I Just Don’t Learn The Way You Learn


Tory Woollcott is one-of-a-kind, the “goofy” kind, but still one-of-a-kind! She’s an award-winning writer, artist, comic and one ferocious supporter of dyslexia awareness. Tory is also a proud Canadian who graduated from the University of Toronto with an Honours BA in archeology and Near Eastern studies.

Tory has become a campaigner for dyslexia awareness; has appeared on CBC Radio's Metro Morning, Ontario Morning, and Canada AM, and been featured in many articles. Read More...

Vocho the Love Bug

“Punch  Buggy Red [or Blue, Green or whatever your favorite color was] No Punch Back” Those words should evoke fond memories of another era. A time of long drives in the family car with kids eagerly peering out the windows searching and hoping to be the first one to spot the unique looking Volkswagen Beetle.

This was the one time that you could gleefully pound on your siblings and get away with it. Who doesn't affectionately remember the punch buggy, beetle, bug or Vocho! Vocho? Read More...

Everything’s Coming up Zoë

Zoë Kessler is an author, journalist, blogger, documentarian and comic who’s widely recognized as an authority on women and ADH

Kessler‘s popular blog, ADHD from A to Zoë has garnered a loyal readership that spans the globe and she’s been interviewed on international radio, featured in countless magazine articles, documentaries, and books on the topic of women and ADHD. She’s produced a radio documentary and has a stand-up routine that has audiences falling out of their chairs as she talks about being a woman with ADHD. Read More...

You Have Arrived

Although they have been known to drive the occasional person into a lake, vehicle GPS systems have come a long way, Baby! Here’s the latest development for the directionally – challenged.

There is an unwritten code that most of us males follow when driving. It may prove to be bewildering to some, but it makes perfect sense to us. We believe that:

  • No matter what we are driving we always look good; Read More… 

Portfolio Archives

Driving with Ms. Epilepsy

Seizure? Hardly even know her! Epilepsy is one of the more common, yet misunderstood, disabilities in Canada. Insome provinces, you have to be seizure-free for one year before being allowed to drive again.

For most Canadians, having a drivers license is considered a rite of passage, a privilege and for many it’s a necessity. As a driver you climb behind the wheel, start the engine and head out. But have you ever stopped to think about the drivers around you? Who are they and do they face any special challenges as drivers? Read More...

Classic Cars Down Mexico Way

Mexico City isn’t exactly the type of place most of us would associate with classic cars. But a surprisingly strong stable of vintage car devotees sure know how to put on a good show, as does a thriving auto museum.

There’s a spicy affair going on south of the borders in Mexico City. No, it’s not what you’re thinking. It’s a love affair between man and automobile and it’s been going on for a long, long time. Motorcars first arrived in Mexico City in 1903 and by the end of the year there were 136 vehicles causing commuter chaos. By 1906 that number expanded to 800. And in 2008 Mexico City had more new cars enter their streets than there were new babies born. No-matter what you call it, this affair is muy caliente! Read More...

Emotional Intelligence in the Workplace

What is Emotional Intelligence and how does it impact on us in the workplace.

Your desk is more than cluttered; your in box has reached skyscraper height and the lights on your phone lines are blinking in some sort of bizarre code! Arriving late for work the last two days has put you way behind in your work. What happens next is as predictable as it is preventable.

Your meltdown is of biblical proportions and as security escorts you out the door you think to yourself, “Not again!” Yes again. How many times has this happened to you? How many times have you been let go from a job due to inappropriate behavior? Read More…

The Ripple Effect

In Person with Dr. Judy Weiner

At first glance Dr. Judy Weiner seems tiny, then she begins to speak and she fills the room. Her tiny corner office - with the [Communique Magazine]  great view - seems to expand as her enthusiasm and passion for what she does quickly becomes obvious. Her voice rises as she speaks about her “kids”.

Dr. Weiner is a professor in the Human Development and Applied Psychology Department at OISE/University of Toronto who is working towards gaining a better understanding of bulling of and by teens with ADHD. Mostly she works within the School and Clinical Child Psychology program where she teaches courses in psychological assessment, prevention, and consultation. Read More...

SEDI E-Line Bulletin

The E-Line was a SEDI produced E-Bulletin that encouraged, supported and promoted the entrepreneurial aspirations of people with disabilities.

SEDI with much enthusiastic support from entrepreneurs with disabilities, disability organizations, and business development organizations developed this exciting Online Community pilot project. For too long, business ownership had been overlooked as a viable option for individuals with disabilities.

The E-Line Bulletin's purpose was to educate and inform entrepreneurs with disabilities, disability organizations, and business development organizations about upcoming events, online seminars and online discussions. Read More... 

Leveling the Playing Field with AT!

Assistive Technology (AT) supports persons with LD by assisting them in maintaining, increasing and optimistically improving their physical a [Communique Magazine] bilities, academic or employment performances. An essential aspect of AT is ensuring that the technology not only works as advertised, but also that the user can operate it correctly. It sometimes requires much trial-and-error before the end user finds the correct AT device that works properly for them.

Having a disability should not be the reason for a less-than-full lifestyle, especially when there are tools and devices to help overcome challenges. All persons with LD should ensure that they get an assistive/adaptive technology assessment done by a qualified technician. Read More…

Fixing Cars The “Mexican Way”

So you’re out for a pleasant drive in your vehicle when your hear it. The much-dreaded thump coming from your vehicle's engine.

You concentrate and then…there it is again. You say to yourself, I’d better stop by the garage and see Chucho. Chucho? Yes, Chucho. Read More…​

Stressing Over Office Politics

Do's and Don'ts to Help Manage the Stress of Office Politics

Imagine gossiping with a friendly co-worker about the boss. You told them something confidential and expected them to keep it to themselves. Later you were called into the boss's office and asked to explain what you said. Welcome to the world of office politics.

Every person, at some time or another, has become stressed over office politics. Learning how to cope with stress and office politics is critical to having a positive work environment. Office politics has many forms and can create – bullying, gossiping, belittling or blaming others for their own faults (to make them feel better about themselves), handing off work that they should have done themselves, etc. Read More…

It's All About Me!

Social  skills are the foundation for all relationships, but people with learning disabilities are often at a disadvantage in this department. Problems [Communique Magazine]  begin in childhood and continue on into adulthood and this carries a whole host of problems.

"Why does he do it?" She moans as she brushes tears away, "How can he keep being so mean to me!" How indeed? The most heart wrenching point is that he probably isn't even aware that he is doing something wrong or being mean!

Everyone dreams of having a happy and healthy relationship with someone. For adults with learning disabilities (LD) relationships - short and long-term - are very hard to find and harder still to maintain. Read More...

Insuring  Your Way With Telematics!

Monitoring your car’s security and performance is on the verge of breaking new ground with the emerging and ground breaking technology that is Telematics!

During the course of their journeys they may: change the volume on their stereos by pushing a button on the steering wheel; Read More…