Maria Sanchez de Seaton

Maria moved with her husband to Canada and in 2006 became a proud citizen of her newly adopted country. She has  fully adapted to her new life as a Mexican-Canadian. Her wide range of work experiences and skills sets have allowed her to not only achieve gainful employment but to continually flourish on the job site.

Having worked and lived her way through the settlement process, Maria is always eager to mentor any newcomer who needs her help. In 2004 she was featured prominently on the United Way’s website as a Canadian newcomer success story.

As a professional educator Maria is unbridled in her passion for teaching. She has teaching certificates in Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL) and Teaching English as a Second or Other Language (TESOL). As a proficient language instructor and translator it was only natural that she expanded her resume to include Spanish lessons.

Kenneth E. Seaton

Kenneth E. Seaton is a freelance writer, researcher, and consultant. He has written and edited material for federal, provincial and local municipal governments. He provides seniors and people with disabilities with viable alternatives to traditional means of managing individual disabilities and challenges.

The former executive coordinator for the Canadian Chronic Pain Association, Seaton was injured in a work-related accident and has lived and coped with chronic pain for more than 30 years. He has designed and implemented programs for creating disability awareness in the workplace.

Word Able is a social purpose enterprise that assists seniors and people with disabilities to improve their quality of life by providing objective, timely and profitable writing, researching, consulting and translating & interpreting services. It is working towards removing the barriers to full participation that seniors and people with disabilities face on a daily basis.

This goal will be accomplished by helping seniors and people with disabilities reach their full potential and in so doing, aiding them in becoming more financially autonomous and reducing reliance on social safety nets.

Word Able leads by example, motivates by doing and educates by counseling!  Please do not hesitate in contacting us via email at for more information about our services.

Both in Mexico and Canada, Maria has worked as a translator, interpreter and language instructor. She has done translation work for many firms, including such international giants as BDO, Premium Outlets and Sección Amarilla (Mexico's version of the Yellow Pages). She has earned much praise from her many students for her common sense approach to translating and teaching.

He has also delivered writing, employment and business advisory services to seniors, people with disabilities, newcomers and entrepreneurs. Many of his clients have graduated from government-funded employment and small business training programs.

In collaboration with non-profit agencies he has developed and facilitated workshops on entrepreneurship, employment and settlement issues. He has worked extensively at assessing clients for job readiness.

His considerable knowledge of small-and-medium-sized business provides him with the business know-how to skillfully advise his clients on the challenges of opening and running a successful small business in today's highly competitive market place.

In Mexico he worked as a freelance writer, small business consultant and English instructor. For a time he was the sports editor of The News, Mexico City’s daily English newspaper. He has traveled and worked extensively throughout North America.

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